Why Do Many Sweets, Treats and Chocolates Contain Preservatives and Artificial Ingredients?

Why they use artificial ingredients

There are several reasons a company will use artificial ingredients.

A few of the most popular reasons are:

  1. To use artificial sweeteners which are worst than natural sugar. By using artificial sweeteners, they then can promote a “healthy” no-sugar product.
  2. Save money by using cheaper ingredients that mimic the taste of natural ingredients.
  3. And the one we want to talk about, which is to use preservatives to prolong the expiration date of the sweet.

Natural sugar and salt are natural preservatives, so you do not need to add artificial ingredients or preservatives, unless…

…you expect your sweets and treats to stay in warehouses and on shelves for more than 3 months before they are consumed. Look at most expiration dates… many of them show an expiration date longer than a year!!

These companies need to make their product toxic enough that no bacteria will touch it for a year or longer.

How We Avoid All Artificial and GMO Ingredients

At Nuts on the Run, our sweets and treats are produced only days before they are shipped to you. Many of our customers comment on how fresh our treats taste.

We guarantee that our treats will taste fresh for at least 2 months. After 2 months, you may start to notice a slight change in the freshness if you have a developed palate.

But good luck keeping any Nuts on the Run products longer than a couple of weeks in your house.  Frankly, we’d love it if you could comment below and share with us how long you’re able to keep our treats in the house without gobbling them up.

Really, we’d love to know.

Nuts on the Run

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